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If you want to have a unique memorable time with a group of people, small or large, take a brewery tour of Manhattan’s only active brewery. Yes, we know it’s small, but it’ll be one of the best brewery tours you can take. Private tours are always available, so book one today by calling (212) 336-6440.

30 People max per tour, sign in at the front host desk to reserve your spot the day of. Please bring your ID’s so we can give you a FREE sample of beer on the tour and then hook you up with $4 pint tickets to use afterward.

Upload, Check Out and Save your Brewery Tour Picture.

If you take some cool pictures you can send them to us at We’ll post them on this blog and build a mini online community of cool brewery pictures.

The Only Active Brewery in Manhattan

The Only Active Brewery in Manhattan

Nice Pint Matt V.

Nice Pint Matt V.



Brewery "Bling" 8 GABF Medals Total.

Brewery “Bling” 8 GABF Medals Total.


  1. Thank you for your inquiry! Send us an email at or call us at 212-336-6440. We are open from 11 AM to midnight 7 days a week.


  2. Free brewery tours are given on the hour every Saturday beginning at 2 PM with the last tour starting at 6 PM. No reservation is necessary. Just give us a call before you come to confirm tours are being given at 212-336-6440. We look forward to having you with us!

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